Stereotypes – Day 10

Hey guys, Today, I was talking to a few of my friends about Hogwarts Houses from Harry Potter. I told them that I was sorted into Hufflepuff, but a few of them hadn't taken the test on yet, so I told them to. One was sorted into Gryffindor, and another Hufflepuff, like me! Then [...]


Ahhh… Stress – Day 6

Hey guys, Sorry I didn't post yesterday, this ost will make up for yesterday and then I will post another later today. The reason why I couldn't post yesterday was because of stress and I had a lot of homework that needed to be done, and that is actually the topic of today. Ahhh... stress. [...]

Why Do The Things We Love Have To Be So Hard? – Day 1

Hey guys, As you may know, I play viola. This year, I was in the pit orchestra for my school's production of Les Misérables. There were three days of performance, and each performance was about three hours long with an intermission after Act 1. As a bit of background: two or three years after I started [...]