Stereotypes – Day 10

Hey guys,

Today, I was talking to a few of my friends about Hogwarts Houses from Harry Potter. I told them that I was sorted into Hufflepuff, but a few of them hadn’t taken the test on yet, so I told them to. One was sorted into Gryffindor, and another Hufflepuff, like me! Then I told one of them to take the Ilvermorny test (it’s the American version of Hogwarts). He was sorted into Thunderbird, which is the Slytherin of Ilvermorney. I told them that I was sorted into Horned Serpent, the Ravenclaw of Ilvermorney. We make some puns about what houses we were in (mine was Huffleclaw). Then another friend comes up (he is in Ravenclaw) and said “How are you sorted into the best house and the worst house?” I was shocked to hear that. So I defensively replied by explaining how nice and compassionate Hufflepuffs are and how our dorms are right next to the kitchen. He still didn’t get it though.

This leads me to talk about stereotypes. Stereotypes are annoying. They only describe what is on the outside, but beauty doesn’t matter; (I know this is going to sound really cheesy, but…) it’s what’s on the inside that counts. They break people down instead of making them stronger. And the ‘popular’ kids define with them. They judge other people for their appearances when really those people are at fault. Beauty won’t get you anywhere in life (unless you want to be a model, no offence to models).

We always look at magazines and see what looks like beauty and what our country defines with, but there is no true beauty. Those magazines are photoshopped; no one looks like that in real life. We are all different in every single way, yet we are all connected (I’ll talk more about this is another post).

Stereotypes define people, but no one can be defined by one single word. Humans are complex; we have lots of emotions and actions and reactions and ways of thinking. So why are we defining people by a single picture or word?

If you would like, you can continue this post in the comments.

Happy Holidays

Girl lost, Girl found xxx


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