Lonely & Friends- Day 8

Hey guys,

This post is written after the song Sick of Losing Soulmates and When  both by dodie (aka Dodie Clark).

Have you ever felt lonely even though you were surrounded by your best friends? Some of my friends and I (yes, me) are more introverted people and we usually don’t know what to talk about had happened the day before or about class, so sometimes I feel a little lonely. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it usually hits pretty hard.

I was watching a video by Evan Edinger on YouTube that is called “Dealing with Hate & Stress.” And part of the video is him describing his friend rating thing (it ranks how close of a friend someone is). He said that 10’s are the closest friends you will ever have; they are the ones that you can share your secrets with, you can call them up at anytime, and they will always be there, they are your right-hand-man kind of person. When Evan was describing this I was thinking about my friends and where I would “rank” them on this scale. I have a few 9’s and 8’s, mostly 4-5’s, but no 10’s. I have only had one 10 in my entire life, but we grew apart a few years ago, we just stopped hanging out. We used to FaceTime each other every morning and pick out our outfits before we go to school and sometimes we would purposefully try to match colors or clothes. We always had fun together, no matter what. But like I said, we just grew apart.

When I was watching the video, I was kind of jealous of him and people in the comments who had 10’s and I want to try my best to make some 10’s. I feel like I’m close with one of friends, lets call her Lena. Lena and I are very similar. We both love music and play instruments in orchestra. We connect really easily when it comes to pretty much anything. What do you think? Would you “rate” her a 10?

Do you have any 10’s? Do you ever feel lonely sometimes?

Happy Holidays!

Girl lost, Girl found xxx


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