Ahhh… Stress – Day 6

Hey guys,

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, this ost will make up for yesterday and then I will post another later today. The reason why I couldn’t post yesterday was because of stress and I had a lot of homework that needed to be done, and that is actually the topic of today.

Ahhh… stress. Such a wonderful thing (*says sarcastically*)! But the actual definition of stress is to have strain which could technically be a good or bad thing, if you think about it. Today, I’m going to talk about the bad side, though.

For me, stress is a thing that is hard to manage. I have the right idea of my priorities in my mind, but I get easily distracted by my phone or YouTube or something else. I tend to have a lot of homework and its not because I don’t do my work in class, but its because my teachers assign a lot. And I like to take a break from school when I get home, which then lasts a few hours long and I’m cramming by the end of the night. So, the stress piles up.

This blog isn’t one of my major priorities, but it is up there. I first want to get my homework done before I write, so that’s why I post late at night for 12 Days of SecretBlogr.

My stress doesn’t just come from school, though. I get stress of my peers, from being a perfectionist, change in general, and my anxieties. I have compiled a list of things to do to manage stress (and I might even take some of my own advice, shhhh). Here are 5 ways to manage stress:

  1. Just get it done. 

    Even though the task may take a while and it may be hard, just do it. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

  2. Make a schedule. 

    Set out all the things that you have to do today and put them in order from most important to least important, then follow that list. I like to do this a lot, too.

  3. Get a planner. 

    Make sure to buy/make a planner with a calendar of the month that also has a space for individual days and some room for extra note. This way you can see all of your due dates and what you have to do specifically for each subject. I have one of these too.

  4. Be organized. 

    This one might be a little hard for those who don’t clean up piles and stuff (me), but its worth it in the end. Have your work space clean and have different places to put papers and notes for different subjects. If you have binders, put in tabs instead of just shoving papers in. If you use your computer/laptop a lot for school/work, have different windows for specific subjects or tabs. On my laptop, I have multiple windows for different subjects, and I separate my leisurely stuff from my school work with different “desktops”.

  5. Be prepared. 

    Just in case you forget something, make two copies. And always bring extra pens or pencils because there will always be someone who forgets a pencil.

That’s all I have for now. If you have any other tips, make sure to put them in the comments for other to see.

Happy Holidays!

Girl lost, Girl found xxx


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