The Reality of Our World – Day 5

Hey guys,

I recently read another blog post about who we are in the grand scheme of things, that inspired me to write this post today.

We are all made of atoms, millions of atoms to be exact. We are all unique in our own ways. And we may have some similarities, such as things we like or skin color or eye color, but we are all different. But one big similarity that we all share is that we are all humans and we are all stuck on this assylum of a planet. But I can’t think of one really good reason why we should be fighting over this planet.

The Big Bang happened and over millions and millions of years, we are here now, today. You are here, right now, reading this blog post because you want to and that doesn’t change anything about the people around you. You might show this blog to someone else so that you can share one more similarity, but that only changes the fact that you like this blog so much, you want to share it.

Right now, there are wars happening. We are fighting each other for stupid reasons like wanting money or control or sandwiches (WWI), when in reality, we just all want to make this world a better place and to all be loved and to have a safe place to live. War is not the way to happiness, the way to happiness is to love one another and embrace our differences that make each of us amazing!

The reality of our world is bad. We fight and fight and fight. But while we are fighting, we are destroying our planet. The pollution and the greenhouse gases are piling up, and sooner or later, our planet will be unbreathable.

We are all small dots or maybe not even dots compared to the size of the universe, but one action can save ourselves from war and conflict.

So, as one human being to another, I propose that we don’t judge people for how they look or their past, we judge people on their actions and what they say to others. We do little things to make someone’s day just a little better. When you are walking into a building, hold the door for the next person, or just keep smiling because that one smile can make someone else smile, and sooner or later, we will all be smiling. We recycle our trash and reuse old containers. We start walking to more places rather than driving everywhere. We will live our lives to the fullest by being nice; by being caring; by loving everyone.

So go out there and make someone’s day a good one.

Happy Holidays

Girl lost, Girl found xxx


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