Why Do The Things We Love Have To Be So Hard? – Day 1

Hey guys,

As you may know, I play viola. This year, I was in the pit orchestra for my school’s production of Les Misérables. There were three days of performance, and each performance was about three hours long with an intermission after Act 1.

As a bit of background: two or three years after I started playing viola, I was getting minor back and neck pains, I didn’t think it would be anything major. I just thought I had slept weirdly the night before and I brushed it off. I kept telling my mum about it, but she just brushed it off too. Then one day, during my community orchestra practice, it got to be so bad within a one hour period, I told my conductor about it. He said it was a postural issue and that I should sit up and put my stand up more. I did that and it helped a lot. My natural posture is bad anyways, I have my shoulders hunched and I keep my head a little low. But more recently, it started to get a lot worse. The pain spread to the sides of my neck and both shoulders. When the time came to play in the musical, it got so bad that I had to use Salonpas, it’s like Icey-Hot. And by the end of the second act of each show, my neck just gave out.

Why do things that we love have to be so hard? I love to play the viola (especially with my friends), it’s like my dream. But it gets hard to do the things I love.

It gets frustrating. I tryed talking my friends about it, but I don’t think they could relate, so I just ended up avoiding the topic.

I think I might start physical therapy. I’ve talked to my conductor about and he said to do certain stretches before and after (but I kind of forget to do them, shhhhh). PT might be more concrete instead of doing it on my own time. My hope is to reach a point where I can do what I love and not be in pain.

Can any of you relate? I hope that you find something that you love to do that doesn’t hurt you. Find you passion and live it out to the fullest and then some. Even if it hurts you, keep going because on day, you will reach a point when it doesn’t hurt.

Girl lost, Girl found xxx


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