Snowy Days

Hey guys,

Out of all of the years I have lived in the Northern Hemisphere, autumn and winter have always been my favorite seasons. I love the crisp, cool air and how you get that chill down your spine with your friend puts snow down your back.

When the snow falls, I love how it always makes my mouth water for some hot cocoa! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

When the snow sticks to the pine trees, it feel like winter has finally begun. And when I look down the street to see where the snow plow hasn’t come through, I see the crisp, white, fluffy snow. Untouched, and cold, yet it warms my heart.

As I am writing this, to you, I am sitting in my favorite chair and looking out the window to see my Winter Wonderland.

I hope that you can find you Winter Wonderland someday, even if it isn’t winter. Leave a comment down below describing yours.

Girl lost, Girl found xxx

P.S. I know this one is another short one, but it had to be written.


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