Hey guys,

I wanted to put out another bonus post just because I feel so strongly about this and I didn’t want to lose the inspiration that I got from writing this post.

I don’t know if I’m alone on this, but maybe some of you can relate.

Ever since I was really young, I’ve always had songs stuck in my head, no matter what. Heck, there is a song in my head right now as I’m writing this! It doesn’t matter what time of day or what task I’m doing, my mind is always racing, practically uncontrollably. Sometimes, I forget the words to a song and it transitions into another like radio stations so sometimes at the very end of songs. They blend the last few notes with another song, and it can sound pretty cool. I like to call this “radiohead”. I kind of feel like a doctor now! Look her patient, I can’t diagnose you with Radiohead. Your all fixed now!

I do listen to music all the time, though. Before class one day, I was standing outside the classroom and talking to my friends before my teacher got there to unlock the door. I was listening to music as well. When my teacher walked up to the door, he said to me, “Why are you always listening to music?”

I replied jokingly with, “Because I can!”

Then my friends all said, “She always does.”

And I do, I go from phone to laptop to phone to laptop to phone all day long, and I love it.

One night a while ago, I asked my friend (he is also a musician) if he could relate to this in any way, but he said he didn’t understand the question. So, I gave him my example of music (it’s kinda my thing, if u can’t tell already). He replied with an “I don’t know.” He went on other talking about how there is sometimes numbers in his head, as a reference that math is his “thing”, but he jokingly said that his humor is all it takes for him to be himself.

Many years ago when I was really young, I was with my mom and I asked her if she had the same thing in her head all the time like I do. But she didn’t understand the question either. So I went on to explain how my head is like a radio that can never be stopped. It’s always playing music no matter what. She still doesn’t really understand to this day.

My brother also plays an instrument (the violin) as I explained in my last post. But I don’t know if he is like me, I’ve never asked. He is moving away next year, so should I ask?

Are any of you like me in some way? What do you like to do that always makes you happy no matter what? What kind of music is your favorite? Mine is anything but rock and country music. Feel free to discuss your answer in the comments below.

Girl lost, Girl found xxx


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