Hey guys!

First off, I would just like to say that in my last post, I was being a bit naive in flat-out deciding what I wanted to do with my life right then and there. I still have some time to decide and I think I was just living in the moment then. I just want you to know that you might think you want to do something but then decide halfway through that you don’t like it anymore and that is totally normal and that no one should be ashamed of it. There are still people out there that might be in their 40’s or 50’s and still haven’t found the right thing for them, so don’t decide what you want to do without extensive thinking and research about the topic. “And now back to our feature presentation…”

Before all of the beautiful trees and landscapes and the chilly weather that isn’t bitter cold goes away, I just wanted to say this to the world…

Autumn by far, has to be my favorite season, not just because my birthday is in the middle of it, but because of all the beautiful colors and I get to wear sweaters comfortably!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom for some dress clothes for orchestra, and while we were there, I found a couple of really cute sweaters that we bought.

Then, later that day, we went to Cabi party to try on clothes to buy and I found some cute and comfy sweaters there too! And I couldn’t decide which one to get for the longest time (it was only a few days though). I’m in heaven here with all the sweaters!

But wait, there’s more! All of the colorful trees mixed with the bright green grass just makes it so much more enjoyable than summer or winter.

I know that a lot of Youtubers are ragging about autumn and pumpkin spice lattes, but I don’t even like coffee not to mention lattes.

I don’t like it because of Youtubers, I love because of the unexplainable feeling that I get inside. I guess the best way to explain it is to give an example: it’s like when you go to your grandma’s house and there is that distinct smell of her and warmth fills your heart. She has soup ready to eat and you favorite autumn/winter beverage ready to sip, hot chocolate with tons and tons of whipped cream on top. Yeah, it’s that type of feeling.

I hope you all can relate to this is some way. Thanks! 🙂

Girl lost, Girl found xxx


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